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Why Sponsor?


At least 6,200 children die worldwide each day as a result of malnutrition and hunger-related diseases. So, imagine nearly 16,000 volunteers from across the Northern Virginia region coming together with a common goal to fight world hunger. Imagine a project where people from all walks of life stand side by side pushing toward greater levels of action and community involvement, for the greater good of starving children around the world.

This is the vision of an exciting and historic event called Food Fight- the Nation's Fight Against Hunger. New Hope Church, in partnership with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), is excited to lead the battle against world hunger through a three-day packing event on May 4, 5 & 6, 2018, at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia. The tangible goal of this community-wide event is packing and providing meals to feed 9,500 hungry children around the world for a year.


“Around the village Nelson was referred to as ‘Pa Bezwen’. In Creole, this means, ‘I don’t need you.’ His own family even used this name for the child.”

Nelson was discovered on a dirt road in Haiti. He had skinny legs, a bloated stomach, and seemed lifeless. He was definitely running a fever and in need of immediate attention.


Nelson’s mother was unable to feed him. He was exposed to the elements without food or water and he resorted to eating dirt to quiet his hunger pains.


After eight months of love, attention, and nutritious FMSC meals, Nelson is healthy and thriving! He charms everyone with his beautiful smile and adorable personality.

Please don’t take stories like this one lightly. They are the reason FMSC does this work. Nelson and so many other precious children have a future because of your generosity.

Imagine Being Part of Changing 9,500 Lives!


It would be really easy to be intimidated by the cost of the 5,000,000 meals that are needed to change the lives of 9,500 children who are in desperate need of food to survive.  The 2018 Food Fight, and the 3.5 million meals, will cost over $750,000.  No doubt, a large financial commitment, but when you think that 9,500 children will have their lives changed forever, it is nothing!  Our partner, Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), provides each meal for less than a quarter.  FMSC has shipped more than two billion meals around the world.  They’ve consistently received the highest grades awarded for accountability and transparency and 92% percent of donations are spent on feeding programs. 

Sponsorship & Fundraising Opportunities

It is going to take every level of involvement to make this project successful.  It is not just for those who have lots of money. In fact, it’s all about equal sacrifice, not equal giving.  We anticipate many exciting ways for people to help fund the 2018 Food Fight.  From kids selling lemonade to large corporations sponsoring in a big way and everything in between, this project will be funded.


It is our hope that as you look over the following pages you will find a way in which you can support this event financially.  Of course, we will need all of you to volunteer for one of the packing shifts and to be ambassadors in helping to spread the word about this historic project.


Please take the time to review the different opportunities, and if you have any questions or come up with something exciting that we have not listed, and we know you will, please email us at  Thanks!


We are excited to introduce a challenge that we are calling Team 500. The challenge is simple, yet it is so powerful. The idea is that you donate $500 to the project. If just 1,500 people commit to raise $500, we will have the $750,000 needed to provide these meals. That is just a few dollars a week to provide 2,500 meals and feed seven kids for a year! What can you or your family do to commit to being part of Team 500? All of those on Team 500 will have their name listed on the screens at the packing venue. Start saving now, and watch how quickly the $500 is raised.

Individual/Family Sponsorship

If you are not part of an affinity group or organization you can still make a difference!


Our experience says the majority of the project funding comes from families and individuals making small and large sacrifices in their everyday lives to raise funds.


When a family or group of individuals come together to help others, there is a great sense of accomplishment. Check out the next few pages and see what you can do to make a difference in the life of a child.

Below is a list of potential ideas for individuals or families


  • Birthday donations— Have individuals make tax-free donations to the 2018 Food Fight project in lieu of gifts.

  • Lemonade and slushy stands— this is a great way to get the kids involved. 

  • Donations in lieu of funeral flowers.

  • Donating all or part of a tax refund.

  • Sell candy bars or donuts at a local retail center- a great way to not only raise funds, but also raise awareness to the plight of children all over the world.

  • For Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza, request donations in your name in lieu of presents.

  • Mow lawns, rake leaves, and shovel snow- all of these are great for kids and youth to do.

  • Rice for Dinner— Serve your family only plain rice for dinner and gain a better understanding of what a meal is like for many hungry families around the world. Put the money you saved on that meal toward your donation.

  • Skip the soda or coffee— When you eat out, drink water instead of soda or coffee. Put the savings in a “donation jar.”

  • Keep the change— Pay in cash for everything you can for the next few weeks and keep the change in a jar. It adds up quickly!

  • Bake sale—  One young girl invested $75 in baking supplies and raised $1,000 from selling cookies and brownies.

  • Cut the cord— Disconnect cable between now and the event or simply cut out premium channels and put the savings towards the project.

  • Sponsorships— Ask friends, family, classmates, and coworkers to sponsor your packing session. A $20 donation will fund more than 80 meals!

Corporate Sponsorship Levels

(Sponsorships of any dollar amount are welcome.  All sponsorships are 100% tax deductible.) 



  • Provides 250,000 meals, feeds 685 children for a year

  • Sponsor Entire Day (either Friday, Saturday or Sunday)

  • Mini packing event at your company— Up to 50,000 meals

  • Q&A and Impact Storytelling with an FMSC Executive 

  • 500 reserved meal packing spots (pending availability after March 1 registration launch)

  • Logo on event e-blasts— Up to three e-blasts, sent to approximately 30,000 volunteers/donors participating in the 2018 Food Fight

  • Name announced at the beginning of each shift

  • Name scrolls on screens during event

  • Name/Logo on banner at Dulles Expo Center

  • Name/Logo on event shirts

  • Table in orientation area during entire event

  • Information in Event Swag Bag


  • Provides 125,000 meals, feeds 342 children for a year

  • Q&A and Impact Storytelling with an FMSC Executive 

  • 250 reserved meal packing spots (pending availability after March 1 registration launch)

  • Name announced at the beginning of each shift

  • Name scrolls on screens during event

  • Name/Logo on banner at Dulles Expo Center

  • Name/Logo on event shirts

  • Table in orientation area during entire event

  • Information in Event Swag Bag




  • Provides 50,000 meals, feeds 137 children for a year

  • 100 reserved meal packing spots (pending availability after March 1 registration launch)

  • Name scrolls on screens during event

  • Name/Logo on banner at Dulles Expo Center

  • Table in orientation area during entire event

  • Information in Event Swag Bag


  • Provides 25,000 meals, feeds 68 children for a year

  • 50 reserved meal packing spots (pending availability after March 1 registration launch)    

  • Name/Logo on banner at Dulles Expo Center

  • Name on poster in entryway of event

  • Information in Event Swag Bag


  • Provides 7,500 meals, feeds 20 children for a year

  • 25 reserved meal packing spots (pending availability after March 1 registration launch)

  • Name on poster in entryway of event

  • Information in Event Swag Bag



Meals/Food: We need to provide meals for our hard working team leaders each day. One hundred and twenty volunteers will need two meals for each of the packing days. If you are a local restaurant that would like to donate food or meals, please contact us at

Join by Sunday, April 15 to be included on printed materials.

Organization & Affinity Group Opportunities



This is one of the easiest ways to raise money.  All you need are some type of canisters or tubes for the money to be collected in.  This is a great project to enlist the kids in, making sure that they know that every $0.22 that is donated provides one meal.  This can be an ongoing fundraiser, but it usually works best if you have specific dates for the coins to be brought in.



This is also a very easy fundraiser that doesn’t require much in the way of time or money.  Each box of food that is packed (216 meals) costs about $50, so the ask is for people to buy one box of the food that is going to be packed.  As a special treat, but not necessary, you could provide the people who buy a box with a small box with a twine hanger symbolically representing the box of food that they just purchased.  





Pick a family friendly movie and show it on the screen in your auditorium or on an outdoor screen.  Grill hot dogs, pop popcorn and sell a family four pack (a suggested cost of $25 which provides 4 movie tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 bags of chips, 4 drinks, 4 cookies, and 4 bags of popcorn).  You can also price things individually for smaller families, individuals, or those who want to purchase extras.  




This can be an annual event that “crafters” work on all year.  Try to hold the event between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A great idea is to promote the craft fair as a Christmas MarketPlace and combine it with a tree and greenery sale.




This is a great community event that promises to grow every year.  There are a lot of logistics with the county and possibly HOAs if you are doing this in a neighborhood, but it generally generates a large amount of money, mostly coming in through sponsorships from companies and/or individuals and families.




Sell t-shirts, sweat shirts, flannel pj pants, sweat jackets, etc. with your church logo or a design that pertains to the event.  Depending on what you charge, you can generally make approximately 50% off each sale.


This is a fun family event that people really enjoy.  You can sell the Bingo booklets, daubers, pizza, and drinks.  You can also ask people to provide baskets that can be raffled and sell raffle tickets for them.  This is usually a highlight as the baskets can be quite good (examples include: Nationals basket with tickets, parking pass and some fun Nats things; chocolate lovers basket; coffee lovers basket; Football team baskets, etc.).




Buy from a distributor in your area and have them deliver the items for you to hand out.  Take pre-sales, and then also buy extra to sell on the spot.  This includes wreaths, table runners, garland, centerpieces, and trees.




The kids register (parents are required to stay) and attend this two-hour event.  Two options are to do it with or without sponsorships for the kids (like a dance-a-thon), but do some kind of game or dance for each round.  Think about having some kind of food (pizza or grill hot dogs), popcorn, and candy that’s all for sale.




  • Trampoline Jump-a- thon

  • M & M tube coin collection

  • Food Truck fundraisers

  • Car wash

  • Pumpkin sales

  • Basketball, Kick-ball, Softball tournament

  • Large scale garage sale

Church Sponsorship

In addition to Corporate and Individual/Family sponsorship, we are also offering church sponsorship levels.  These sponsorships can be given in one of three ways:


  • a combination of church attendee donations and church donations

  • all church attendee donations

  • all church donations  


The total donation* from each church can be obtained by sending an email to


Sponsorship levels must be determined prior to registration opening on March 1st in order for the church to reserve packing spots.  If the church plans to continue to donate after the March 1st deadline, a pledge can be made to obtain the desired sponsorship level. For questions or additional info regarding church sponsorship, please email us at


*Donors must add their church name to the giving form in order for it to be added into the overall church donation total.  

Below is a list of levels for churches


Presenting Partnership - $50,000 +

         500 reserved meal packing spots

         Church name on event t-shirts and event banner


Platinum Partnership - $25,000

         250 reserved meal packing spots         

         Church name on event t-shirts and event banner


Diamond Partnership - $10,000

          100 reserved meal packing spots

          Church name on event banner


Gold Partnership - $5,000

          50 reserved meal packing spots

          Church name on event banner


Silver Partnership - $1,500

           25 reserved meal packing spots










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